Bath Scrunchies For Everyone!- Keeping Everyone Clean
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Bath Scrunchies For Everyone!- Keeping Everyone Clean

Time to clean your bath scrunchie. Check out these quick and easy ways to keep them clean.

Many people have fallen in love with the great fragrances that can be found in shower gels.  The shower gel market has literally taken over the "clean body" industry.  Just about every body soap available can now be found in a shower gel form. 

There are a few different ways in order to apply the shower gel to your body.  The most popular by far is using a soap scrunchie.  Bath scrunchies can be found at a number of different stores.  The prices of the bath scrunchies range from $1 to $10.  Yes, that's right there are places that charge up to $10 for a bath scrunchie.  Price may be relevant to how the scrunchie is constructed.  Also, as any consumer knows a brand name will also drive up the price. 

If you do like to pay more for your bath scrunchies, then its a good idea to learn how to sanitize your bath scrunchies. 

Just like sponges the nylon bath scrunchies can hold in mold spores and bacteria that can actually cause you to be come ill or you can wind up with some severe skin irritations.  But, by taking some simple measures and making sure that you clean your bath scrunchies properly, you can avoid illness. 

A bath scrunchie should be cleaned at least once a week.  Of course by cleaning your bath scrunchie frequently, it will fall a part more quickly causing you to have to purchase a new one.  It has been recommended that even with proper cleaning that you replace your bath scrunchie at least every 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of cleaning you do to your bath scrunchie. 

There are several methods that you can use to clean your scrunchie.  Although, its a good idea to experiment to see what works best for your bath scrunchies.

The Dish washer bath-

Yep, that's right, you can put your dishwasher to use cleaning your bath scrunchie.  Be careful in doing so.  Only place the scrunchie onthe top shelf of your dishwasher.  Simply clip the scrunchie to one of the tines with a clothespin.  This will help keep it from going any place in your dishwasher. 

Don't wash it with your dishes.  Food particles can get trapped inside the material.  This can cause another problem and you don't want that.  Of course, washing the item by itself is a waste of water as well.  However, if you have ball caps and other items that need washing, simply wash them at the same time.  When you are ready to run the dishwasher use a small amount of powdered detergent.  With new regulations out on laundry detergent, it doesn't foam like it used to. 

Because the dishwasher probably can't dry the scrunchie properly, it is best to take it out after the cycle is complete and hang it to dry. 

On the gentle cycle-

Newer washing machines have a handwashing cycle that is great for delicates including bath scrunchies.  Again, don't wash the bath scrunchie by itself, this is a waste of water, be sure to wash it with other items.  Use a garment bag so that the scrunchie doesn't get tangled up inside the clothing. 

Be sure to wash it in hot water.  This helps kill off any bacteria that may be trapped inside of it.  If your whole family uses bath scrunchies, this is the best time to get them all cleaned. 

When the washing cycle is simply hang the scrunchies to air dry.

Good Ol' Hand Washing-

That's right your basic hand washing will help get your bath scrunchie clean as well. Make sure you clean out your sink.  Fill the sink with hot water and a mild detergent.  Soak the scrunchie for about 10 minutes.  Using your hands massage the scrunchie between your fingers to allow the water to work through the different segments.  This will help to remove particles. 

Rinse the scrunchie and hang it out to dry. 

Simple replacement-

So you've decided to replace your scrunchie all together.  There are a number of places that you can purchase a new scrunchie inexpensively.  Most dollar stores carry bath scrunchies, in fact, around the holidays, you can find multi-packs.  Typically this will be 3 to 4 in a pack. If you luck out and find these size packets, buy them up so you can replace your bath scrunchie regularly with out a problem. 

Discount centers are another great place to find the bath scrunchies.  Prices may start around $2 for a scrunchie.  So if you are watching your pennies, remember that little price can add up when stocking up on bath scrunchies. During the holidays you might be able to stock up here as well.  Always check the holiday aisle where you might find most of the "quick" gifts.

Most department stores also carry bath scrunchies, some times you can get them free when purchasing a new bath product or even different types of cosmetics.  However, because most department stores do focus on name brand, you will be paying a lot more for your bath scrunchie.  Again, watch around the holidays and shop when they are having a sale.  This will help you save some money. 

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