Best Carpet Cleaner 2011 Includes Low Flow Moisture Component
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Best Carpet Cleaner 2011 Includes Low Flow Moisture Component

A carpet cleaner could be a description of a cleaning product used for keeping carpets fresh and free from deep-down, ground-in dirt or it can be a description of an electrical or manual product used for cleaning the carpet - that assists the chemical product in loosening the dirt trapped deep in the carpet fibres.


There are many beautiful carpets woven into innumerable intricate and lovely patterns, some ancient and very valuable and more modern mass-produced carpets that sell widely throughout the modern world and are more affordable and greatly sought-after. No matter how cheap or expensive the carpet is, however, at some time or another it will need cleaning. Dirt gets trapped amongst the twisted fibres, getting worked closer and closer to the base where fibre and carpet base meet.

As dirt becomes trapped it becomes impacted and difficult to remove, invariably damaging the fibres and ruining the carpet if it is not thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. This is why the hunt for the best carpet cleaner is so important and why carpet cleaners are improved and updated regularly, with new models being introduced onto the market at regular intervals.

This article focuses solely on the best manual and electrical carpet cleaner 2011, leaving the best carpet cleaner 2011 of the chemical variety to link to another article that I intend to write at a later date. Each subject provides more than enough scope individually. However, there is far too much information on each aspect to incorporate both the chemical that loosens the trapped dirt and the appliance that assists in the application of the chemical, in a single article.

Infusing Solution into Fibres

Removing surface debris from carpets, on a daily basis, is one way to prevent dirt from penetrating the fibres to some extent. However, there is also the debris that cannot easily be seen with the human eye that penetrates into the fibres. Each day humans shed an incredible amount of dry skin that gets sloughed off as we go about our daily lives. Dust mites are also the cause of dirt build-up amongst the fibre of the carpets. All of these shower into the carpet fibres as microscopic particles and gradually build up into impacted dirt debris deep within the carpet, eventually damaging the carpet pile and causing the pile to become flattened over time.

Naturally, daily brushing and vacuuming reduce the surface debris and some of the dirt lodged near the surface of the carpet fibres. However, unless the deeply-lodged dirt within the fibres is completely removed, the carpet can be irrevocably damaged. Furthermore, dust mites and dead skin flakes can cause human allergy, a frequent trigger for asthma sufferers worldwide. In order to clean carpets properly, carpet solution needs to be infused into the carpet, deep within the fibres so that the compacted dirt can be removed in solution.

Improved Technology

Carpets are not cheap to buy, no matter how mass-produced they are, so care needs to be taken for the solution to be applied with minimal disturbance to the carpet itself. This is where the interest in the best carpet cleaner 2011 lies: the more modern and up-to-date, in terms of carpet cleaner, the better as the technology improves, producing greater cleaning efficiency at less damage to the carpet fibres. Cleaning carpets has certainly improved as technology has advanced, making the task of removing dirt and debris from carpets a far simpler task than ever before.

Best Carpet Cleaning 2011

Today there is a wide choice of cleaners, some non-heated. The best carpet cleaning 2011 include steam-cleaning technology, capable of lifting entrapped dirt with minimal damage to carpet fibres and avoiding shrinkage. Low flow moisture is the major feature of the best carpet cleaning 2011. This is an important innovation, incorporated into the best carpet cleaning 2011, as it drastically reduces drying time, thereby avoiding the problems frequently encountered in the past – damp carpet fibres becoming prone to mildew and mold which, in turn, could lead to spores. It is the presence of these spores that can cause adverse reactions in people prone to allergies and asthma.

When it comes to the best carpet cleaning 2011, steam cleaners that operate at temperatures in excess of 210 degrees centigrade have the capability of killing off these spores that are responsible for potential allergies. Steam cleaners capable of producing temperatures of 210 degrees and higher are also much better at dissolving deep-down impacted grime that clings tightly to carpet fibres and which has proved difficult, in the past, to shift with previous generations of steam cleaners.

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