Home Management Helpline : Planning Your Tasks and House Cleaning Tips
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Home Management Helpline : Planning Your Tasks and House Cleaning Tips

Helpful tips on how to manage household tasks.

Do you ever get stressed in balancing your career and domestic responsibilities? Most women are confronted with this challenge specially those working in a corporate environment or work-at-home moms.  Here are some helpful tips in managing your household tasks.

Plan ahead. Schedule weekly home management activities like cleaning, grocery,shopping, prepare kids uniform, plan for their weekly school  meal and many others. Avoid cleaning the entire house all at once, opting instead to clean one area at a time to prevent exhaustion. Play a lively music to inspire you while doing the household chores. From time to time, get rid of the unused dried make-up, clothes that have not been worn for a decade, and unnecessary files that are just sitting in your table or drawers. Challenge yourself by checking at least five items that you no longer need and actually letting them go.

Maintain two to three basic colors in your wardrobe and hang them in one direction by category (color and length). This will allow better space management and enable you to easily choose from your organized wardrobe.

image source

Make sure that stains are treated as soon as possible. If you are outside with the kids, always keep baby wipes inside your bag to remove unexpected stains. For ballpoints, try applying hairspray to dissolve the ink.

Keep pranella cloth, white vinegar, and baking soda available in your house.

Pranella cloth – to keep glasses shiny, wipe immediately with pranella cloth to avoid scaling

Baking soda – Excellent in cleaning freezers, kitchen tiles, and other enamel areas. Baking soda also absorbs the foul odor in refrigerators.

White Vinegar with water – Use this mixture to wipe dry the faucet splatter, remove water scales on water pots (leave overnight then rinse in the morning); rinse glasses; and clean chopping board.

Have an inventory list of your refrigerator. List down all the things to buy in a week prior to your next grocery schedule so that you will not miss anything.

Image source

Check your buying habits. Shopping can be very fun but do not succumb to buying useless things that you do not really need. Think of your long term plans and try to save for it.

The demands of a fast-paced life should not be a hindrance in balancing career and home management, neither of them should suffer, as both can also be rewarding.

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Comments (18)

God knows, I could use this! LOL. In fact almost all of us can.. Great tips..I especially loved the wardrobe tips. U shld see mine! haha

Thank you for the encouraging and helpful tips. I sometimes like to watch the tv show "Hoarders" and this motivates me to throw things away. I think that tip goes a long way to managing my home.

An extremely useful article. The pictures have sure made the factoid additionally meaningful -- Shastri

Excellent tips...

Hi, Very nice tips. I listen to music while I clean up my home. It ease my stress and makes my cleaning job a real fun.


I love the way the wardrobe is arranged. It is such a pleasure to see your clean and ironed clothes hanged and arranged that way.


I love the way the wardrobe is arranged. It is such a pleasure to see your clean and ironed clothes hanged and arranged that way.


Home planning makes everything easier. This is why I like your article. Keep with the good work. Regards from Carpet Cleaning London

Los angeles maids

Such an organize cabinet! In our home, the organization will just be at the beginning. As days pass, the cabinet will get disorganized from carelessly taking out clothes then putting some new ones in.


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Affordable Cleaners

Great tips, appreciate the advice you provide in this article relating to Home cleaning. Thanks,

House Cleaner London

It takes me between 2-3 hours to clean my house from top to bottom.

Pranie wyk?adzin Warszawa

Cool great post, really good job. Congrats

Los angeles maids

Pranie, Which post did you find to be so cool? did you REALLY think it's "cool" that it takes 2-3 hours to clean someone's house from top to bottom"? Or could this have been one of those auto-post programs (which I frown upon)?

The tips are really awesome and indeed, encouraging too. Cleaning means a lot of hard work. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but with a little organization and a desire to cut back waste, you can learn a little secret. One can learn how you can clean without cleaning which I found here How to clean without cleaning. But deep cleaning is another story too. Deep cleaning is a top to bottom, thorough and complete cleaning which you can follow up with standard or more routine cleaning tasks deep cleaning entails moving all your knickknacks and moving the furniture to clean under it. Everything is touched, all the way from the top of the ceiling, down to the baseboards and the floor. Everything from the top to bottom and in between is scrubbed until it is free of dirt and dust and shines like new. Even the most-cared-for home needs an occasional deep-cleaning, so here's a simple list to help you get your home in tip-top shape.

Thanks and best regards.