Clean Teddy Bears With Lots Of TLC
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Clean Teddy Bears With Lots Of TLC

Collecting stuffed animals can be fun, but cleaning them can be a hard job. Use these quick tips to clean your collection quickly.

There are many people out there that love to collect stuff animals.  One of the most collected stuffed animals however still happen to be Teddy Bears.  For many people the stuffed animal collections are pretty extensive taking up large rooms in their homes.  Alas, comes the task of cleaning these wonderful collections. 

A Little History-

For those who aren't familar with the origination of the Teddy Bear, the soft cuddly creature got its start based off of a political cartoon that featured Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy).  A toy maker by the name of Morris Mitchim became inspired an produced his first in a series of new toys called "Teddy's Bear".  From this point on children and adults fell in love with these friendly and cuddly creatures. 

A Gentle Cleaning-

If you are interested in preserving the quality of your collectibles, it is a good idea to talk to professionals in the dry cleaning business to see what they suggest in cleaning your collections.  With ages of some pieces, it may be a wise idea to house these pieces in a cabinet that doesn't get opened and that will keep dust out. 

Newer created stuffed animals can hold up pretty well.  However, things do happen when the animals are well loved.  If something sticky gets into the fur of a loved bear, the best way to clean the animal is to use a cloth and gentle soap and simply clean the area that is affected.  However, if the animal needs a cleaning all over, then place in your washer on a hand washing or gentle cycle with mild detergent.  A good detergent to use for this is dreft.  Dreft is a detergent that is recommended for use on baby clothing. 

Once the toy is washed, either place in the dryer on a gentle or air fluff cycle or air dry. 

All that dust-

One of the biggest problems for collectors is all the dust that can gather on their loved Teddy bears.  There are a couple of ways to manage a deep cleaning with out damaging the material on the bears to remove dust.

The first trick is to us your vacuum cleaner and a garbage bag. 

1) Place several teddy bears into a garbage bag.

2) Stick the nozzle end of your vacuum into the mouth of the bag.  Wrap the bag around the nozzle and hold.

3) Turn on the vacuum and watch as all the air is sucked out of the animals. 

4) Turn off the vacuum and let the animals rest for about 2 to 3 minutes.

5) Follow the above process once again. 

6) Remove the bears and see if the two suctions were sufficient, if not, follow the procedures once again. 

7) Do this for all of your collection to remove the dust.

Another great way to remove all the dust from your teddy bears or stuffed animal collection is to utilize your dryer. Most dryers have an air fluff feature. 

1) Place several animals into the dryer. 

2) Place a dryer sheet with the animals.

3) Set the timer for approximately 20-25 minutes.

4) Make sure the dryer is set on the air fluff cycle and turn it on.

5) Pull the animals out and clean the lent trap.  You will be amazed at how much dust and debris is collected on the mesh filter.

Another quick tip if you are worried about parts on some of your collection.  Use a mesh under garment bag to help protect the animals.  This will keep any loose parts from running away.

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