Easy Ways to Clean and Care for Glassware and Crystal Ware
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Easy Ways to Clean and Care for Glassware and Crystal Ware

Care for and clean your glassware and crystals easily with these tips:

Care for and clean your glassware and crystals easily with these tips:

Washing with care

Before you begin washing your prized glass possessions, line the bottom of your sink with a thick towel. This will soften the blow if you accidentally drop a piece. It can also contain all the glass if something gets broken.

Make crystals shine

To make your crystals shine like new, soak them in dishwater with a handful of salt and some vinegar added.

Cleaning crystals with etchings

Clean crystals with deep etchings by using an old-fashioned shaving brush lathered with your dishwashing cleaner. The bristles are stiff enough to clean the hard-to-reach crevices yet gentle enough not to cause any damage.

Cleaning bottles with small openings

It can be frustrating to clean a vase or a bottle with a tiny opening. The trick in order to save time and energy is to grind some eggshells and mix those in a solution of water and vinegar. Pour the mixture into the container, cover, and shake until it’s clean. A handful of rice mixed with some water and dish detergent does the trick, too. Rinse when done.

Removing adhesives

Sticker labels and adhesives can be removed from a glass surface by dabbing a small amount of oil on the object using a paper towel or napkin then rubbing it firmly. For more stubborn adhesives, use some white toothpaste along with the oil. After the adhesive is removed, wash the object with warm soapy water.

Antique glass

For collectors of antique glasses and bottles, soak the item in a solution of water, detergent, and water softener for a full day. After soaking, pour out half of the water in the bottle and add a few tablespoons of uncooked rice grains or fine sand. Shake and swish it around for a few minutes to help scour the inside surface.

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Removing stains and scratches

Rub out tiny scratches on glassware or acid-rain stains on windows with white toothpaste. It mildly abrasive and it will clean the surface from scratches and stains effectively.

Hard water stains

Scrub hard water stains from a clear vase with salt and a wet cloth. Finish the task by washing it with soap and water.

Glass cookware

Remove baked-on sugars and starches from glass cookware by soaking it in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent with a little baking soda added.

Sparkly display

Maximize the display of your crystals and glassware by lining the bottom and backs of the shelves with mirrors. The reflected light will make your glass and crystals sparkle.

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good and useful info

bracknell cleaning

Thanks for the tips, I like the bit about eggshells - timeless!

Brilliant Article I learned a lot from this

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Glass items should always be handled with care. it should not be washed with very hot water since it may break due to over heat.