Great Uses for Epson Salts
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Great Uses for Epson Salts

How to use Epson salt for healing, relaxing, and gardening. Many different uses for Epson salt.

I have already written a couple of articles on how to use upson salts for bee stings, splinters, poison ivy, and poison oak.  If you want to read those articles you can find them here:

Here are some other uses for Epson Salts that you may or may not already know of.

Get Rid of Dry Skin

You can use Epson salts as a bath soak to help remove rough patches of skin.  2 cups of Epson salt per tub full of warm water.  Use a clean wash cloth to add more salt to extra rough areas such as elbows and knees by sloughing the dry skin using the wash cloth and the salt.  Do not saok any longer than 15 minutes in the salt bath.  To make your own fance bath salt add in a couple of drops of your favorite essenstial oil in to the salt and stir them around to absorb the essential oil.

Get Rid of Bruises and Sprains More Quickly

Use the same bath mixture as above to soak in if you have bruising you wish to heal more quickly.  Same goes for sprains.

 Get Rid of Foot Odor

Soak your feet in a bucket or foot sized tub full of warm water and 2 cups of epson salts.  Do this twice a day for 15 minutes until the problem is gone. 

Make a Gift of Bath Salts

The fancy bath salts you see at the store are nothing more than a little food coloring, essential oils, and epson salt. You can make your own fancy bath salts easily with 2 to 3 drops of essential oil and two drops of food coloring mixed in to a cup of epson salts.  Put it in a pretty jar and hot glue gun a plastic flour or other decoration to the lid of a jar.

Epson Salt in the Garden

Epson salt contains both magnesium and sulfate which are both beneficial to many plants.  For house plants add 2 tablespoons of epson salt to a gallon of water and use the mixture to water your plants.  Be sure to give these plants plenty of sun as the epson salt needs the sun to work at its full potential.

Epson salt is fantastic when used with roses.  Sprinkle epson salt around the base of your garden in the early spring and in the fall. Also use the same watering solution above but spray the roses with the solution rather than pouring it on. 

Tomatoes really like epson salt just sprinkle a little in their hole before you plant them. 

For more information on Epson salt and planting see the following site;

Keep Racoons Out of Your Trash

Racoons do not like epson salt and will avoid it.  Sprinkle epson salt all around your outdoor trash to keep them away.  Be sure to replace the salt regularly and right away after it rains. 

Note:  Some people say to use Epson salts as a facial cleanser I do not advice this as the skin on the face is more sensitive.  I tried it on my face once and kind of burned my skin.  My skin was all red and very painful and looked just aweful.  I don't recommend scrubbing your face with it unless you have poison ivy or poison oak on your face.  

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Comments (4)

this is great thanks

I like how you composed this valuable information.

Brings back memories, Rae. We always used Epson Salt soaks for tired, sore feet when I was growing up on the farm.

Nice share! Didn't know it keeps racoons out of the trash...will have to use it for this. Thanks much for posting valuable information. Voted