Green Clean Tips: How to Use Oranges in Household Cleaning
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Green Clean Tips: How to Use Oranges in Household Cleaning

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Do you know that oranges are not only popular for their beauty benefits, but also they are an exceptional natural household cleaner? The orange peels have a lot of significant better uses, than just being a protective fruit coating.

Read on to learn about the amazing uses of oranges in your everyday household cleaning. Besides being a succulent fruit, natural beauty ingredient, oranges are an excellent household cleaner! You can easily avoid using toxic cleaners in your house by using natural green cleaners. Here is a list of green cleaning ways by using orange peels.

Orange Peels makes refreshing and excellent kindling

Orange peels consist of the oils which is flammable in nature. Dried orange peels make an excellent kindling. Orange peels also help to keep the home fires burning for longer time. Next time you want to blaze log fire, simply add some dried orange peel. Most of all use of the orange peels for kindling purposes, gives your room a delicate orangey fragrance. Orange peels offer a fragrant, refreshing non-toxic alternative to chemical-based fragrant products.

Do away with the musty smells

Use the dried orange peels as a natural freshener. Take a handful of dried orange peels and put them in cloth bags. Place the orange peels cloth bags in your closets and cupboards to get rid of the musty smells. Orange peels in the wardrobe really help to prevent the clothes from musty odors.

Orange peels help to keep away the insects

From now on simply stop using harsh and strong insecticides which are not at all good for health. As a natural alternative simply place some orange and lemon peels near by your windows and in your garden to get rid of flies and mosquitoes. The insects despise the oil found in the oranges and lemons peel immensely. A solution of orange peel powder mixed with water is a great way to stop ants. Place the solution in a line; the orange peel smell discourages the ants from crossing the line.

Stop your cat from digging around in the garden

Cats do not like the orange fragrance. And they don’t go anywhere near the orange peels. Simply place orange peels around your plants in the garden and this will definitely stop the cats digging. From now on save your plants and flower beds simply by using orange peels.

Eliminate the food odor from the oven with orange peels


Get rid of the overwhelming food odor from the oven simply by using orange peels. Simply place the orange peels in the oven tray and set it on for 5 to 7 minutes. The food smell will vanish and the oven will give out refreshing orangey fragrance.

Eliminate the food odor from the kitchen and house

After cooking a spicy curry do you end up with food smell all around the house? Well instead of using chemical based room fresheners try to use orange peels. After finishing your cooking simply boil the orange peel and few cloves in water on your hob for 8 to 10 minutes. The whole house will freshen up with refreshing orangey aroma.

I hope by now you have understood the use of orange peels in household cleaning so from now on do not throw away the orange peels, right! Adopt cheap and easy green cleaning ways to clean your household. Go Green clean!

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