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How to Clean and Repel Dust From Vertical and Mini Blinds

How to clean mini and vertical blinds. How to keep dust off of vertical and mini blinds.

Vertical Blinds are a pain to clean. I don't know anyone who wants to clean them anymore than you have to.  If you clean them right they should stay clean for a long time and you won't have to clean them as often.  I have an easy method for cleaning them and when you do it this way it will also help them to repel dust so you won't have to clean them very often. 

Here is What You Will Need

A bucket

2 old clean white socks large enough to cover your hands (in other words grown up socks)

Equal parts vinegar and water

Rubber gloves

Put on the rubber gloves, then put an old white sock on each handover the rubber gloves. If you are sensitive put on a pair of rubber gloves on your hands and then place the socks over the rubber gloves. Dip your sock-covered hands in the vinegar and water mixture.

For vertical blinds: Start at the top of the blinds and run you hands down the blinds, using your palms to clean the blinds. You will be cleaning both sides as you go down, you will probably have to do this twice to get the width of the

entire blinds. Some persistent dirt may need to be spot cleaned.

For metal mini blinds: Vacuum the blinds first with the proper attachment from your vacuum cleaner and get as much dust off as you can.

Dip your sock covered hands in the vinegar and water liquid. Start at the top. Brace the blinds against your body and start from the furthest point that you can reach and pull your hands towards you on the blinds wiping off the dust and debris as you go. This should sort of feel like you are playing a harp. If you can not reach from one side of the blinds to the other after you finish doing one side go to the other side and do the same thing.If they are really dirty you may have to do this whole process more than once.

For both vertical and mini blinds take an old hand towel or other rag and blot any excess water off.

You can use a blow dryer to help dry the blinds faster or just allow them to air dry. Lay a towel or a couple of towels underneath just in case there is any dripping.

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Comments (1)

Cleaning blinds really are a pain. I will have to try this technique.