How to Clean Your House Fast
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How to Clean Your House Fast

Cleaning your house efficiently saves time for fun things to do.

Lets face it none of us really enjoy cleaning our houses.  However, we do like the house to be clean for many reasons.  Making the cleaning process go as quickly as possible will avoid procrastination. Make sure to put on some favorite music, comfy clothes and be organized.

Gather your Supplies

Get all your cleaning supplies organized and in one spot.  Get your rags, cleaning solutions, furniture polish, mops and vacuum.  


Start by doing your least favorite job and then it is smooth sailing after that.  Try to do one room at a time.  This will give you satisfaction of a job complete, in case something comes up where you cannot finish your ambitious day of cleaning. 

Head for the bathrooms and do all the bathrooms first.  Clear the counters and clean the entire counter and sinks. Head for the toilet.  Brush the inside and give a good cleaning all around the toilet and hit the floors behind the toilet.  Next stop is the tub.  Give the tub and shower a good cleaning with your bathroom cleaner.  All that is left is the mirrors and floor.  An easy way to solve the floor problem is simple to wet a paper towel with some cleaner on it and wipe the entire floor area. Last stop is the mirrors.  Get your cleaner out and swipe with your paper towel.  The entire process should take approximately 15 minutes.  Repeat this process in all other bathrooms.

Dust the House

In one had have your dust rag and the other furniture polish.  Go over all surfaces with your dustrag using the polish on wooded areas. Move quickly and get a little exercise in while cleaning. Depending on the size of your house this could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.


The next step is vacuuming.  Hit all the rooms with carpet and move quickly to finish this cleaning project. Be sure not to hyper-extend yourself. This should take about 20 minutes depending on how much carpet you have.

The Kitchen: 

Make sure all dishes are safely in the dishwasher.  Clear off your counters and give a thorough cleaning with dish detergent and water. Check the stove for any residue food and give a good cleaning. Safe the refrigerator and drawers for another day. 

The Walk Through

Put all your supplies away and walk through your house to admire your handy work.  Pick up anything left on chairs, tables, counters and beds. 

Time Out

Time to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and pat yourself on the back.  The bad news: within hours the house could be a mess again.  

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Comments (3)

Valuable tip! I can sure use some of these tips right Thanks for sharing

Yolanda Williams

here's a fast little clean up crew!

Yolanda Williams

here's a fast little clean up crew!