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How to Make a Chore Wheel

A quick and easy way of keeping track of chores.

Sometimes it can be difficult for new houemates to work together to get chores done in the house. You can feel as if no one is helpiing you clean up common areas, while other housemates can find that you are being to tidy and annoying. A great way of keeping this from hapneing is making a chore rotation chart. Although it sounds complicated, a chore rotation charts are very easy to make and will make fuguring out who wil be doing what chore each week quick and easy.

1. Figure Out Chores

         First, you need to consider all the chores that need to be done in the house. Common ones are vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and doing dishes. There are others and they all depend on what kind of place you live in. For this step, all you need to do is combine chores in a sensible way, such as vacuuming and mopping, so that the number of chores matches the amount of people in the house.

2. Buy Materials

         All you need to buy is a magnetic white board,  some white board markers, and some Velcro that can be written on. These can found at any office supply store, such as Staples or Office Max. (Don't forget to make sure anything you buy is magnetic.)

3. Put it All Together

         Put the whiteboard on a magnetic surface such as the refrigerator. Write the tasks that need to be done in list form on the white board, leaving enough space on the right side to fit the longest name of the group of people you are living. Then, you place one half of the velcro next to each task. ON the other half of the Velcro, you need to write the names of each housemate. Place one housemate next to each task.

4. Use the Rotation

        Every week or so, simply remove the bottom name, then move each name down one space, and place the name from the bottom of the list on the top. Continue doing this for however long you live there.

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Looks simple. Let me try.