How To Make A Lazy Person Domestic
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How To Make A Lazy Person Domestic

There is a difference between being messy and being a little slob. If you feel embarrassed to walk into a room because their room look like a hoarders room, it's time for a change. Here are a few things that will help this person turn his life around entirely. It's time to clean up and here's how you can do it.

No one likes a messy person. Even a messy person doesn't like a messy person. You can walk into a person's apartment and see an incredibly messy house from the living room to the kitchen. Instead of having the mind set to clean it up, they will slouch in their own filth and let the mess hibernate in the location like a caveman.

Sometimes, you need to take off the gloves and force this person to be a domestic person. Here are a few innocent ways that outta help you out.

1) Let The Smell Spread

As long as the smell is not burning your nose let the smell spread in the apartment like the next virus from the Contagion movie. No matter how gross you are, at the end of the day, no one likes a bad smell. Unless you're Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy you won't be able to survive sniffing a large pile of stench. Once the smell grows to an extent this will make the person realize that it's unbearable. Before you know it, the slob would be picking up that Febreeze and getting the broom out. No one likes a smelly place.

2) Creatures Will Inhabit

When there is a mess there is bound to be creatures swarming around it. Don't be surprised by the endless amounts of roaches, rats, and termites. When that happens the other person won't resist having to clean the place up. If they let the creatures swarm then something must be really wrong with that person.

No one likes a bunch of disease filled animals swarming like cartoon characters. If you see roaches at the sink, clean the dishes like a maniac.

3)Hide Their Personal Belongings In The Mess

This is a step that can be both accidental or intentional. There are times when you have to really force the person to clean up. So here's a trick for everyone in the 21st century. Nearly every person has an iPhone. If the iPhone disappears into the mess, the messy person wouldn't help but to clean up the mess. After all, who can live without their iPhone nowadays.

Car keys, paperwork, whatever you choose. A valuable item missing will lead the other person deciding to clean up the mess in order to get their stuff back.

If it's time for the other person to be domestic, here are things that'll help you out.

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