How To Make a Lye Soap
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How To Make a Lye Soap

The basic ingredients and steps to make a lye soap. Anyone can do it but you have to take necessary precautions.

Anyone can do it at the comfort of their homes. But you have to take some necessary precautions into account as Lye is very corrosive that it may cause severe damage. The three key ingredients to make lye soap are lye, fats/oils, and water. Gather everything you need before proceeding. All the supplies you need are available at the grocery store.

Basic Ingredients:

• 900 grams of lard;

• 335 ml of distilled water;

• 158 grams of lye;

Additives: Red colorant; Pepper mint scent

Materials needed:

• 3 Containers to hold measured ingredients

• Measuring scale

• Stainless steel

• Plastic or wooden spoon

• Mixing stick

• Molder or pipe secured at the other end with a plastic cover

• Funnel

• Cutter

• Curing rack

• Goggles/safety glasses, gloves and apron

How to prepare the mold:

• Get a pipe (made of plastic) about 3 inches in diameter.

• Cover the other end of the pipe with a plastic cover and seal it with a rubber band.

• Before we begin, it is important to protect yourself. Use your safety glasses, apron and gloves.

How to go about the process:

• Measure your ingredients: It is necessary to zero out the weighing scale with the container to get the right amount of measurement.

• Prepare your lye mixture: It is crucial to add the lye to the water and NOT THE WATER TO THE LYE (It may cause an explosion). The solution may become extremely hot and may burn anything it touches. It is most advisable to do the mixture under an exhaust fan to capture the fumes.

• Use the stainless steel pot to melt the lard and the coconut oil over a low fire.

• Even out the temperature of oils and the lye mixture to a range of 110 degrees.

• Add the lye mixture to the melted lard and coconut oil in the stainless pot.

• Stir the mixture using the mixing stick. Continue mixing until you reach a trace. At this process, you can add in some of the colorant and the peppermint scent, just enough to put some color and some fragrance. You will know when to stop stirring when the mixture is thick and creamy in consistency. Take some amount of the mixture into a spoon and drizzle it on top of the surface. When it leaves a mark then you have a trace.

• Prepare your molder. Use the funnel to pour the mixture into the molder.

• Cover the molder and let it sit for 24 hours.

• After 24 hours, you are now ready to remove the soap from the molder. Put the molder inside the freezer for about 5 minutes. It will help compress the soap to make it easier to come out of the molder. You can use a bottle to push out the soap from the molder.

• Use the cutter to cut the soap into bars.

• Align the soap bars to the curing rack and allow it to cure for 3 weeks and it is ready to use.

• You may design and shape the soap according to your preference.

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