How To Remove Cat Urine Stains and Odors From Hardwood Floors
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How To Remove Cat Urine Stains and Odors From Hardwood Floors

We had our hardwood floors installed a few years back. At the time we had an old dog and old cat.  We have a living room and a family room so we don't use the living room all that much.  I started so smell something funny and followed my nose to the smell.  It appeared that the cat had taken to urinating on in our living room on the floor next to the couch.  There was a huge puddle there.  I wiped up the liquid, but it was obvious that the stain had been there for a couple of days and it had stained our brand new floors and the smell was horrible.  I was horrified and I didn't even want to know how my husband would feel about it.

So I did some research.  I read different things like throwing cat litter on it which sounded kind of messy to me and also would just invite the cat to do it there again.  Another article I read said to use alcohol.  I tried the alcohol which did not seem to do all that much.  I had already tried an odor eliminator called Zero Odor and it seemed to work for a few hours but then the smell would come back again.  In the end the thing that worked best was Hydrogen Peroxide.

Before you try this make sure to test your wood in an area that no one is ever going to see just in case it discolors your floor.  The hydrogen peroxide did not harm my floor at all but I can't guarantee it will not harm yours so please test it first

So you will need some good quality paper towels, the cheap ones won't cut it.  You need something strong like Bounty.

Get a good sized bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide.

You need to wet the paper towel thoroughly with the hydrogen peroxide and then spread the saturated paper towl flatly on to the stain.  Let it sit there over nght.  In the morning remove the paper towel, and wash with another paper towel with a little dish soap on it, then wipe with a dry towel.  The stain will not likely be gone yet.  If it is still there and it likely will be if it is a set in stain, repeat the entire process again.  I did two saturated paper towels per day.  One in the morning and one in the early evening.  Everyday the stain started to fade a bit more.  It took about a week and a half of doing this faithfully and finally the stain became un-noticeable.  Some of the smell still remained but I faithfully sprayed it with the zero odor for a few weeks daily eventually the smell faded as well, my cat had kidney disease so the smell of his urine was pretty potent.

Your cat may be attracted to the smell and try to return to the same area to relieve him or herself.  It might be best to place a laundry basket upside down over the area as you are treating.  It will keep the cat out of the area, but will still allow air to flow freely through.

It is not an immediate solution but if you are diligent and patient you can eventually get rid of or at least fade the stain and get rid of the odor.

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Comments (13)

My wife and I have seven cats(one male and six female) and we have been very fortunate because they never do their thing anywhere in the house except in their litter boxes. The thing about my(our) cats is that they took to sniffing around the hot air grill in the living room and I never knew why until I had to crawl under our manufactured home a few months ago when the pipes in our bathroom froze. Our cats are indoor cats but many of our neighbors have cats that are indoor/outdoor cats and they had taken to going under our house to escape the extreme cold weather and the smell of their urine was so strong under there that it gagged me. It was after that that my wife told me that on real windy days she had smelled a slight trace of urine coming from behind our sofa and hadn't been able to figure it out before. Hopefully with the warm weather close at hand the smell under there will disipate after I close up their entry points. Call me crazy if you want but I'm planning on building them a heated shelter before the cold weather arrives again.

How awesome, great ideas and tips here, excellent job!

Kiri Ringrose

Hydrogen Peroxide - if it does remove the cat urine stain from my wood floor I'd give you my first born son, if I had one.

Thank you for the idea. I'll try it to-day.

Ranked #1 in Home Cleaning

Kiri don't forget to test it on an unshowing part of your floor first to check the affects, and remember it may take a couple of weeks for it to completely go away.

Kiri Ringrose

Thanks Rae, I am trying it out on a spot (large) near a door.

I did realize that it will take time but if it doesn't work the floor is no worse off. I'm going to train my cats to use a human toilet. Have put their litter boxes in the bathroom until the gadget arrives. Wish me luck. Thanks again


Kiri Ringrose

Help! I came down this am to find the cats had peed on the papaer towels. How can I prevent this without using commercial spray. Any ideas?

Thanks, Kiri

Ranked #1 in Home Cleaning

Kiri: Place a laundry basket with holes in it upside down over the paper towels, that will allow air to go through but keep the cats off. Place some books or something heavy that the cats can't knock down on top of the basket.

Ranked #1 in Home Cleaning

Also if you have a little space left under the basket, place a small shallow cup of baking soda next to the stain, this will abosorb some of the odor as well. Probably not enough that the cats won't be attracted to the area but ever little bit helps. Just make sure to always have that basket over the stain until the odor is completely gone, otherwise they will go back there and go in the same spot again.

Tweeted by @nostate. Great info!

Ranked #1 in Home Cleaning

Just wondering how it is working for you Kiri.

great tips


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