How to Wipe off Permanent Marker from Your Dry Erase Board
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How to Wipe off Permanent Marker from Your Dry Erase Board

How to clean permanent marker off a dry erase board.

We've all done it before or know of someone who has done it before- accidently writing on a dry erase board using a permanent marker. This mistake happens a lot at schools because teachers have the tendency to leave their permanent markers by the dry erase board markers. Sometimes it happens because of themselves, or because of their students who may not have been paying attention while picking up a marker. Once they've written on the board, they panic, you panic, and everyone else panics...I mean, what are you going to do now? You're whole dry erase board is covered with writing in permanent marker. The board is useless now right? Well there is a quick and simple way to get rid of the permanent marker, and here is how:

You just need regular dry erase board markers, and if you had baby wipes as well, those could be helpful. All you simply need to do is write over the writing on the board that was done in permanent marker. Just scribble over it all so that the permanent marker is covered up by the dry erase board marker. Than, take a baby wipe (or if you don't have baby wipes, just use a napkin/kleenex or a dry erase board marker). Wipe over the writing and dry erase board writing and than the permanent marker will come off. You may need to wipe hard by applying pressure, and if need be, use the dry erase board marker to write or scribble over the writing once again to make sure it all comes off very nicely. In the end, there may be a faint color from the permanent marker remaining, and all you need to do is use a dry erase board cleaner or spray, and that should get the board sparkling and looking brand new.

I know this is a really helpful trick, I have had this experience myself, and I know of two or three other people who happened to make the same mistake. To prevent this type of accident from occuring, try to remember to seperate  your two markers-it could be that the markers look similar, and it is hard to distinguish whether one is a dry erase board marker or the other is a permanent marker. It helps to keep them seperate from the beinning to keep this kind of thing from happening. Also, if you really find it a hassle to seperate your markers (it could be that you use the permanent markers for the overhead or paper on the board next to the dry erase board) you should try to buy different styles of markers. Some schools seem to have permanent markers that look exactly the same as the dry erase board markers because they are bought from the same company; their only difference is that the permanent markers have a small 'permanent' label on them which you would notice if you took the time to actually read the label of the marker. But again, this trick is really helpful and will work really well!

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