Managing Home Clutter
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Managing Home Clutter

Many families are confronted with problems when it comes to managing home clutter especially if there are kids in the household. Teaching them to declutter and to return things in place after use help reduce home clutters. Things that are no longer needed can be donated to the charity or can be sold in a garage sale.


Many homes are confronted with difficulties when it comes to managing home clutter especially if there are kids in the family. Here are some practical tips to lessen home clutters and help eliminate headaches as well:

  • Clean each room in your home by segregating items that are no longer needed in that room. Work only in one room per day.  If there are four rooms in your home, it will take you four days to finish them all. Gather all the items in your garage and choose items to be thrown away, to be donated to the charity and items for a garage sale.
  • Provide storage options for your family such as transparent plastic container for kids' toys, shoe rack, basket for magazines and newspapers and so on.
  • Come up with a vertical storage design to give you more floor space and to keep everything in order. Use the highest storage for seldom used items so you will not be bothered to climb a ladder again and again.
  • Make it a habit everyday, even just for an hour, to collect items that are no longer needed such as old newspapers, magazine subscriptions and miscellaneous mails. This little effort everyday will help reduce your home clutter at the end of the week.
  • Add fun when you declutter so you will not get tired and bored easily. Enjoy while you clean your home and just think about new filing cabinets, new furniture, new shelves and new organization bins that will look nice in your organized and clean home space.
  • You must learn to let go of things that are already unnecessary, useless and old. Most of the time, the reasons for more house clutter is the inability to let go of these things due to sentimental value. Evaluate your rationale for keeping these items and determine for how long are you just going to keep it in a box. If you will not really use it at all, you might as well let it go by donating or selling it in a garage sale.
  • After using a thing, do not just leave it there. Make it a habit to return things to their proper places after use. Not only that it will keep your home organize and clean, but more importantly, your kids might follow you and make it their habit as well. If all family members will get used to this habit, you will not have that much burden when it comes to cleaning home clutter.


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