Removing The Smell of Cigarette Smoke
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Removing The Smell of Cigarette Smoke

The best way to eliminate smoke odors is continuous and consistent. Start with prevention for the best results.

Removing the smell of cigarette smoke is no easy job.  Cigarette smoke can be absorbed into the wood and dry wall of your home making it nearly impossible to remove completely.  There are of course many ways you can tackle the odors with out reconstructing your home.  Of course the odors will be absorbed into the fabrics of your home like the drapes, furniture and carpets.  There is also a film that collects on the walls and mirrors.  Surface cleaning the house is just the beginning, the use of highly scented cleaners will only mask the odors for some time but you can bet they will return.  Most often you will get used to the smells in your home and you won't notice the odors like a visitor will, and you may not have many visitors unless you can rectify the problem.

Frequent washing of the walls with a mild bleach water will help remove odors that have been absorbed into the paint, unfortunately the odors of the bleach water will remain as well yet often being a more pleasant odor than that of old cigarette smoke.  Using a neutralizing spray air freshener in your home and in your air vents can also be  a great help.  Having your ducts cleaned is a good idea to do every so often anyway so you may want to go that route, especially if someone in your family suffers from allergies and/or asthma.

Floors are a much easier task as most floors are of tile or non porous material and can easily be surface cleaned to keep them fresh and free of odors. Again make sure that you are not simply masking the old odors with new ones and be patient.  Keeping the house and curtains open will help air out the home and the sun shine will help refresh your home in a similar way that it does the cushions you place outside to remove odors.  The complete removal probably will not happen over night and you should be constant with the methods you choose, keeping them as natural and friendly as possible.

To begin the process of removing the odors of previous smokers from your home start with the easy things like washing the linens from the rooms that have been smoked in, washing the curtains and having the drapes cleaned.  Baking Soda is a great product that is easy to acquire and has a minimal cost, this product has the benefit of absorbing odors from a small area.  If you can not remove the covers from your couch or sofa cushions then baking soda is where you may want to begin. Sprinkle the Baking Soda directly on the cushions, arms and back rests of the furniture and allow it to sit and have time to absorb the odors from the fabric.  After an hour or so you can simply take the vacuum to remove the product from the furniture.  Placing the stuffing or the cushions in the sun for several hours will also help remove odors that can accumulate in your furniture and area rugs.  The baking soda process can be used on the carpets as well.

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Comments (4)

Well written piece that I personally appreciate. In my day job I have so many opportunities to put these tips and tricks to use. Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

Nice article with useful tips, in particular the baking soda process.

Glad you enjoyed it and that it can be of some help for you. Thanks

Lorie, a year after my hubby and I switched cars, a friend got in my car and told me that she did not know I smoked! So I know how long that smell can last. Voted!