Stains Are Gone with Scotch Bright Scratcher Pads
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Stains Are Gone with Scotch Bright Scratcher Pads

Kitchen stains are difficult to remove. Use liquid soap and Scotch brand original scratcher pads to remove most kitchen stains. Do not accept imitations or alternatives. Scotch brand yellow scratcher pads are your best choice for value and cleanliness. If there are Kool Aid stains on the counter top or hard to remove rust from the sink, this product will do the trick in your kitchen.

There is nothing worse than getting stains on your white Formica counter top, or rust on your Corelle Ware.  There is a simple procedure that you can use that will get most stains off of most surfaces in your kitchen.

There is a product that is readily available for all housewives and househusbands.  You can find it in your local grocery store.  It is called a Scotch brand scratcher sponge.  

Stains on your counter:

If you have stains on your counter tops, just drop a small amount of your favorite dish detergent on the spot, wet a Scotch brand sponge (no other sponge scratcher works well), then in a circular motion use the soft green scratcher.  You do not have to push hard, or rub the finish off your counter, either.  Regular pressure will rid your counter of the Kool-Aid or grape juice handily.

Rust on dishes:

You can use the same technique above for both plastic and glass dishes.  There is something about the design of a Scotch brand scratcher pad that gets the rust off of all surfaces.

Stove and sink:

If you have stainless steel appliances and sink surface, Scotch brand is the best choice for cleaning off any stuck on food particles, or surface rust.  The plastic stratcher will not mar the surface of your sink or stovetop as long as you do not use pounds of pressure.  But, with a Scotch Bright scratcher pad you will not have to.  Scotch brand scratchers do not scratch porcelain surfaces, either, but get them sparkling and clean with very little elbow grease.

Nonstick cookware:

Nonstick cookware may be more resiliant than it was in earlier designs but the surface will still scratch if not cared for properly.  Soap and water go a long way to get these pans clean but if a little bit more is needed, then Scotch brand scratcher pads should be your choice.

Don't accept immitations:

There are many different brands of scratcher sponges on the market.  I've tried the store brands, Arm and Hammer, and even the "green" Scotch brand with little improvement in the kitchen stain removal.  These alternatives, more expensive or less expensive, are not more effective.  The only scratcher that works is the green color scratcher, or the green color scratcher on the yellow sponge made by Scotch.

If you want more value, purchase a product that is going to do the most good.  Remember, you get what you pay for, and with Scotch brand scratchers and scratcher sponges, you definitely get what you pay for.  Reasonable cost and long term benefits.

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