Use White Vinegar to Remove Mold Safely
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Use White Vinegar to Remove Mold Safely

White vinegar does wonders for removing mold. White vinegar helps remove mold and avoid the issues of chemical safety.

Mold, especially the nefarious black mold, causes problems ranging from just looking bad, to allergic reactions, and sometimes an asthmatic response, which for some, can prove fatal. So the need for mold removal is understood. The questions now remain of how to effectively remove the mold without using the harsh chemicals. The answer is white vinegar.

Yes! Use white vinegar to eliminate household mold!

Some of us might suffer an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in most commercial cleaners available today. Others are simply more concerned about the long term effects of those chemicals on their families and pets. While others see said chemicals having an overall detrimental effect upon “Mother Earth” and their fellow denizens.

All that‘s well and good, but, will white vinegar work for mold removal?

It most certainly will! You’ll want to make sure you’re using white fermented vinegar for the cleaning job, and you’ll need to do some touch-up work every couple of days, but vinegar has been shown to effectively kill 80% of spores found in a home. Nothing kills 100%. Even modern-day chemicals can't get all of those microscopic spores. They’ve even been seen to survive fire.

IMPORTANT! If you have allergies to mold, it is advisable to use a professional mold removal service. The risks simply aren‘t worth the savings.

For removing mold from household surfaces with white vinegar:

A) Fill an empty, clean spray bottle with undiluted, white vinegar. (It’s recommended to use a new bottle for each different chemical in a household to avoid bad reactions from accidental combinations. Yes. Vinegar is a chemical.)

B) Spray the vinegar onto any flat surface desired. For applications such as sinks make sure and get the seals on the faucets, behind the faucets, or anywhere that low-levels of light reach. Making vinegar application part of a daily cleaning regimen is easy.

C) Dry the surface(s) thoroughly. Mold loves moisture.

D) Repeat about every other day or so.

White vinegar does more than removing mold from walls and surfaces!

White vinegar and water in a spray bottle can be applied to bathroom walls, shower stalls, and other flat surfaces. But you’ll be glad to know white vinegar is also effective at getting mold and mildew out of laundry. With the prices of clothing these days, anything that’ll save someone from needing to throw out a $20 shirt, is a good thing.

Here’s how to use white vinegar for laundry: A) Make a mix of one part water, and one part vinegar. Laundry may require multiple gallons of each. Just make enough for the job.

B) Soak the clothing in this mixture overnight. Keep all small children away from the container preferably with a lid. Vinegar is edible. So this warning is based more on a fear of drowning than anything.

C) Rinse the vinegar out of the material and then wash as normal. If all of the vinegar isn’t rinsed out it’s not usually a problem and may even help clean the washing machine itself.


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Ranked #15 in Home Cleaning

Thanks, I needed this. Really!

Ranked #45 in Home Cleaning

Useful article, I'll try it.

Thank you both!

great tips

Ranked #1 in Home Cleaning

Vinegar is awesome, I use for a lot of house hold tasks. Great iinfo!!!

I have always used bleach to remove mold, so it's nice to learn that vinegar will do the job without the bleach fumes.

Mold Removal Tampa

Bleach is a very caustic substance that is not necessary to be used when removing mold. Soap and water and a little elbow grease is all that is needed to safely remove a small amount of mold.

Mold Removal Tampa

Bleach is a very caustic substance that is not necessary to be used when removing mold. Soap and water and a little elbow grease is all that is needed to safely remove a small amount of mold.

Ranked #56 in Home Cleaning

Nice informative article. Well written. Promoted.