Uses for Fabric Softener Sheets and What They Do Not Really Do Well
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Uses for Fabric Softener Sheets and What They Do Not Really Do Well

Different uses for fabric softener sheets What widely published tips for using fabric softener sheets do not work?

I have been hearing about great ways to use fabric softener sheets for years. I have finally decided to put all of them that I have heard of down in one article and share them. Some of these uses are widely known while others are not. There are other widely written about uses that don't really work all that well.  I will tell you which ones didn't work for me and what I do instead.

Keeping Mice Away

This is one tip I have read about many times but just in case everyone has not already heard of this Bounce Fabric keep mice away. It is something that Bounce uses so only that brand works for this but if you lay fabric softener sheets in areas where there have been mice they will not come around. We had a problem with field mice getting in our garage in the winter time and leaving their calling cards on our stuff. This year I laid Bounce fabric softener sheets around the perimeter of the garage and it actually did work. So far I have not seen any evidence of mice in our garage


Removing Cooked on Food from Pans and Casserole Dishes

Place a fabric softener sheet that has been used once in a pan or a casserole Dish with baked on food. Fill it up with water and let it soak for at least an hour. The cooked on stuff should loosen up and possibly even float up to the top of the pan or dish. I tried this a couple of times. I had success on one try but not so much success the next. It might possibly react with certain food particles then others. It’s worth a try anyways. You are soaking them anyways right?

Keeping Dust Away

This is another one I have heard a million times. After you use a fabric softener sheet once you can then use it to dust surfaces with. It will keep the dust from coming back so quickly. This especially works well on television sets and computer screens. This really works.

Keep Bees and Mice Out of Your Grill

Bees have been known to start hives under grill covers. Mice also have been known to get in there as well trying to eat up any food that might have been left behind. Discourage this by place a couple of Bounce fabric sheets on your grill before you cover it up.

Removing Soap Scum

Fabric softener sheets can be useful in removing soap scum from shower doors, walls, shampoo bottles, soap holders or anything else that gets affected by soap scum. Simply wet it like a wash cloth, squeeze out the excess liquid and wipe away.

Removing Latex Paint from Brushes

Although I have never personally tried this I have read that if you soak paint brushes in a bucket of water that contains one fabric softener sheet that paint will come right off.

Keep Things Fresh

This one is kind of obvious but to keep things smelling fresh toss a fabric softener sheet in drawers, storage trunks, storage boxes, and even shoes as well as anything you store to keep them smelling fresh and nice.

What Didn’t Work

Keeping Ants Away

I have read that ants will avoid areas where there are bounce fabric sheets I tried this and it did not work. We always get ants at the first sign up spring. I tried to be prepared for them this year and tried to use the Bounce fabric sheet they still came right in. What I do most years works best. After that first time they come in I vacuum up all the ants that got in that I can see. Then I spray the perimeter all around my back patio door with ant killer, and then I lay down the ant motels. I usually don’t get any ants after that. If there is a bad rain storm I will once again spray all around the patio door. I have also read that if you sprinkle salt around the areas where they come in that they will not cross the line of salt. But I have not personally tried this.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away

I have also read that if you tie a fabric softener sheet to yourself somehow that it will keep mosquitoes away. I tried this once in July and I got bitten like crazy. Sure they avoided the area where the sheet was, but they bit at my ankles like mad. Unless you want to cover yourself with fabric softener sheets I don’t really recommend this. The best thing to keep from getting bitten is OFF. I know OFF works and I trust it to keep my family bite free. Sure it is not pleasant to put on or where, but it works and it beats the alternative.

Pet Hair Remover

You would think fabric softener sheets would work like a charm on pet hair on furniture. Well I have German Shepherd who is quite the shedder so of course I had to give this a try. This worked a little but not as well as I would have hoped. I don’t really recommend it. I actually have had better luck using baby wipes. I wipe the baby wipes in one direction on the furniture, and grab up the hair as the wipe pulls it up. This is the best thing I have ever found for removing pet hair from furniture.

What these sheets do they really do, do well and they cost very little so give them a try. 

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Ranked #25 in Home Cleaning

They are such an inexpensive product you can use for so many different things!

Ranked #45 in Home Cleaning

Great article, I'd not heard of these ideas.

Great tips! I had not heard this before. I wonder if they work on slugs and snails?

Hi Rae great article Darrell